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Today, many people look at sports as entertainment, fun and a hobby. It is common to participate in activities without being knowledgeable of its origins and other factors that it contains. Have you observed the science and mathematical uses that sports include? All sports involve the topic of physical science, whether the player is using a tool to perform or physically using their hands. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world that fans of all ages watch but are unaware of how it comes with more than just a player and a ball, it is physical science.
Basketball is a sport that involves up to one or more people, a court, a basketball and a goal. It involves running, jumping, and hand to eye coordination, balance and footwork. Anyone can participate in this activity for fun, however to be successful at the game, you have to be focused and have uniquely mastered these skills. For example, professional basketball player Michael Jordan is one of the best players of all time and his a unique logo is very popular, a silhouette of his slam-dunk. Moreover, there is also member of the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry who is a powerful shooter. These people are not only good at the sport but they also have …show more content…

Being tall in basketball helps, the closer one is to the rim the easier it is when trying to get the ball in the basket. In addition, the height of the player affects the power of their jump. Jumping is a major component of basketball and physics, it is sought after to possess a strong and high jump during the game to increase the chances of placing a score. Equally, a player jumps to make a shot and is in mid-air during the jump, performing a task known as projectile motion. The player must achieve speed at the point of maximum distance using force exerted from speed and distance to successfully attain projectile motion and get the greatest hang

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