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Russell Westbrook number zero in the NBA playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder is the best player that is active in the NBA. Russell has already accomplished so much and is only twenty-eight years old. He is currently averaging a triple double the only player to do this since the 1961-62 NBA season by Oscar Robertson. This season Russell Westbrook this season is leading the Most Valuable Player(MVP) race with a tremendous lead. He is a five time All Star and is back to back All Star MVP the last two years. Russell is one of the most athletic players in the NBA if not the most athletic. He has a 36.5 inch vertical jump one of the highest in the league. He also is ranked as the second fastest player in the NBA. Russell Westbrook’s athletic attributes …show more content…

This allows him to score in so many different ways from shooting a 3 pointer or mid range jump shot to throwing down a nasty, vicious dunk over all the opponents. Russel just blows by whoever is guarding him with one crossover because of how explosive he is. That's why he is averaging a triple double because he can jump and get rebounds and he can score and pass with speed. Russell Westbrook’s explosiveness and athleticism is just one of the reason he can lead his team so great and effectively. Russ is also the point guard of his team and the best point guard in the league. He calls the plays so his team can win and he has to know his players and where they like the ball and where they are at, at all times. That way he can pass the ball to them to spread the floor and get easy buckets. Russ can do all that well which makes him a great leader for his team hopefully leading them to the NBA championship this year. He is also the best player on his team no doubt. He is the only All Star on his team and his team still gets far in the playoffs because of his great leadership. He never gives up, but when he gets angry he goes off and starts scoring a lot and does everything for his

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