The Importance Of Stereotypes In Sports

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Sports are known as a form of entertainment used to unite Americans, until the idea of race comes into play; when athletes of certain races are discriminated against. The highest paid players at most positions often consist of athletes of the same race. There is a major gap in sports between the careers of the athletes, as many people are forced into other positions or careers due to their race. Nearly predetermined career paths negatively affect athletes in all sports because a lot of sports are populated by people of specific races, people of certain races dominate many positions, and stereotypes of athletes lead to advantages for people of various races.
Baseball is often classified as a ‘white-person’s sport’, as football is considered mainly a ‘black-person’s sport’. In the National Football League (NFL), a …show more content…

A white football player is more likely to play quarterback, center, kicker, or punter, while a black football player is more likely to play running back, wide receiver, or a defensive position. This has caused lots of trouble for athletes who are trying to break these stereotypes and play positions that people of their race do not usually play. As a whole, initiative must be taken in order to prevent these norms from occurring in the world of sports. It is time for someone to step up and take a stand to destroy these barriers that athletes are facing each and every day in their careers. Career paths that are predetermined for athletes have had a very negative impact on these players because these sports have been dominated by people of certain races, positions have been predetermined for players due to their race, and stereotypes have caused a major barrier for athletes trying to have a successful professional career. Something must be done for all athletes to receive an equal opportunity for success in their respective

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