Essay On The Impact Of Sports On American Culture

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Across the United States, millions of people participate in and watch sporting events, but sports impact our lives so much more than simply being entertainment. Sports have been around for thousands of years, dating back to 760BC. Back in these times, sports included simple activities such as footraces, and wresting. Today, almost 8,000 different sports have been developed. Sports directly impacts our daily lives, and have many positive impacts. In fact, without sports, our economy could fall into a downward spiral. However, on the flip side, opposers speak of the negatives of sports on athletes. Sports has had an extremely positive impact on American culture because it creates traditions, provides a sense of unity and nationalism, and boosts the economy. However, sports can also have a negative effect on culture because it increases the risk for injury, it is extremely expensive, and the pressure of winning can greatly effect athletes.
One positive impact that sports has on American culture is the development of lasting traditions. There are many examples of these traditions that millions of Americans celebrate and enjoy. One of the most prominent American sports traditions is Super Bowl Sunday. According to ESPN, over 113.4 million people …show more content…

Many families spend more time watching or discussing sports with each other then any other activity. These are the moments families cherish. Steve Strawser in “Football Can Bring and Keep Fathers and Families Together” wrote, “I absolutely love game day with my boys.” Not only do sports unite families, but teammates as well. Teams grow together and learn together, and many consider their team an extended family. Tobin Heath, a member of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team said, “It is really cool in team sports when you are united around a belief or something you want to accomplish.” Sports unify countries, teams, and families and encourages a strong sense of

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