Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Will Davidson ENGL 1120 11/16/17 Major Paper III College athletics is a defining activity in American culture. Whether it is during the brisk Saturdays of fall watching the gridiron, or during the spring where the best in basketball compete for the title of the best, College Athletics is iconic for our nation. They provide relief from daily life, something to look forward to, and serve as a gathering point for friends and family to enjoy each-others company. With all college sports give back to the people, many have wondered if the athletes which make it all possible should be paid. Some argue that college athletes should remain amateurs, as that makes the unique spirit of the game different than the current pro leagues. This paper however, will argue that college athletes should be …show more content…

Even in the severe division in some of the most intense rivalries, it still brings us together. It brings us to the same place, whether in front of television, or in the stadium, with the same goal. To see our team win. It provides respite from the mundane, or stress filled lives so many of us lead. Or possibly it gives those past age a way to still experience something they are passionate about, whether it be football, baseball, basketball or golf. For a few hours on a Saturday, we can forget the limits life have placed upon our shoulders and immerse ourselves in common interest or goal. Not many things can accomplish that with such effectiveness. We follow our favorite players, root for them on and off the field, and in many cases follow them beyond their athletic years. Given the special effect that college sports have on us, it is a travesty college athletes are still not rewarded for their efforts. Many play simply for the love of the game, even with no hope of moving up in the sport. But many people work at something simply for the love of it, but no one bats an eye when they receive a check for

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