Persuasive Essay On Paying College Athletes

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Paying College Athletes This essay I’m going to talk about paying college athletes and why we should pay them a little bit of money. I think we should pay college athletes a little bit of money. I have some facts and reasons why we should to back up reason why we should. Here are my facts and reasons to support my opinion about this topic. My first main point is what some colleges have and what they give to the athletes. At the University Oregon they have a 145,000 foot square center. The 145,000 foot square center is about half the size of Walmart. This center in Oregon has three indoor practice fields, two story weight room, multiple of whirlpools, trainer tables, locker rooms the size of a crypt/an underground room, many plush lounges with flat screen TVs, gaming stations, cafeteria, conference room, classrooms, pool tables, and finally a barbershop! In Oregon again it has a 40,000 foot square sparkling glass and stainless steel for college education. This place has 114 leather seats in the auditorium, 35 tutor rooms, 25 academic and life skills offices, a conference room, a computer lab, a graphics lab, library, study carrels, a lounge with a wide flat screen TV and plush sofas, a full kitchenette and café, all outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment you can imagine! The University of Oregon also has …show more content…

At the University of Alabama they have a Paul W. Bryant Hall place. The Anderson Training Center is 145,000 feet. The center has an indoor practice field, multilevel weight room and cardio area, a nutrition bar, 7,000 foot square locker room with connections for mobile devices at each single locker, 5 hydrotherapy pools, physician clinic, x-ray room, pharmacy, amphitheater, a lounge with video game consoles, and finally a dining hall. The Paul W. Bryant Hall gives the same features as the one in Tennessee plus they have arcade games and a climate-controlled

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