Essay On Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Matias Pardi
Mr. Ream
English I
24, January 2023
Is it fair for a college athlete to make as much money as the average salary for a professional athlete? Many people say they shouldn’t, and many think they should but I’m going to use objective evidence to see which side is right.
The average salary for a college athlete is around $64,000, and the average salary for a regular professional athlete is around $37,000 a year, people like Lebron James and other famous individuals have said many different opinions on the case like saying “college athletes are workers.” A recent study showed that a survey of 2,501 college students voted if college athletes should be paid or not and the majority of the students are in favor of college athletes getting paid, this brings up the question of yes they should be paid, but how much?
I looked at the highest-paid college athletes and the top 10 go from 3.4 million to 1.4 million a year, how do they get paid you may ask, they run branded training clinics, …show more content…

Another reason is that it does not help with the balance of different sports, if a college only focuses on the football team, the baseball team that is not as good will not have enough money to pay for some things, recruit some players and the sport and fame of the college will eventually die, all of these reasons make sense and I agree with but college athletes should be paid just not as

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