Rhetorical Analysis: Should Student Athletes Be Paid

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Should college athletes be paid? Should student Athletes be paid to play College Football? Well in this essay I will be doing a Rhetorical Analysis on two different essays based on if college athletes should be paid, to play Football. Some say that the student athletes already get a scholarship for school, housing, books and more. So being paid to play is ridiculous because they are already getting a free education. And without the football education would be useless in their future because most do not care about school. this is because the student who plays football will most likely become a professional. Another kind of controversy is that some athletes are put on “exceptional admits” which allows athletes into the University without having …show more content…

Hartenstine shows a lot more logos. First, he shares his statistics about how many student athletes that go to college and actually graduate. Also, he shares that with the Scholarship from the NCAA that students are not allowed to receive any other form of financial aid due to the contract string that any outside help will forfeit their contract. Also, if the student breaks his contract they are not allowed to play for the school and will most likely lose all of their aid for the school. He also, states that many football players have majors and end up becoming corporate executives, teachers and sales executive. Also, he shows that it is okay to admit student athletes because they learn to be discipline, respect, and leadership based on being on a team environment. He does have a fallacy of a False Analogy because he states that the author of the first essay knows nothing about football because he attendee home games and the author of the second essay would play and he was in this environment while in school. He thinks because student athletes put a lot of their time in to school and football that they should be getting a stipend with their scholarship because they put more hours into college work with all of their training and practicing and with their studies. He also, does not contradict

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