Persuasive Speech: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Speech 1 Pro - College Athletes should be paid a stipend on top of their scholarship Yes I absolutely think that their should be a bill so that college athletes can be paid a stipend on top of their scholarship. This is because it will help them get food if their really hungry, gas money if they drive and in case of an emergency if they get hurt. “There are hungry nights that I go to bed starving,” said former University of Connecticut star Shabazz Napier. This bill will affect many american college athletes around the entire country because their are a lot of college athletes out here trying to survive on their own because they are living on campus right now and not with their own loving parents to support them any longer. Another …show more content…

On the off chance that an understudy has 10 hours of class every week and puts in the suggested four hours of study for every hour of class, then competitors burn through 50 hours every week concentrating on and going to compulsory classes and study lobbies. This implies school competitors need to work 90 hours for every week just to stay in school on their grant. This is the proportional to working two all day occupations with a side employment on the weekends just to pay their bills. Another great reason why college athletes should be paid is because it would only make the sport more competitive. On the off chance that the NCAA paid its competitors, the understudies would not need to include additional anxiety agonizing over where they will get their cash from. In the event that understudies did not need to stress over their accounts, they could invest more energy concentrating on their diversion and their classes. This forestalls drained and wore out competitors from failing to meet expectations on the field. Speech 2 Drinking age lowered to 18 Yes I really disagree with the drinking age being lowered to eighteen. This is because decreasing the

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