Black Sox Scandal Research Paper

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Sports embrace a major role in American culture in the United States today. Many people come together to cheer their team to victory and gather with family and friends to socialize. Even individuals who do not hold an interest in sports engage often during important games. Sports are very important in the United States, as the sports industry has made its presence known by becoming a billion dollar industry. Although the sports industry does not condone gambling, gambling has existed alongside the sports industry for many years. Multiple sports scandals have transpired due to wagers placed on sporting events. The Black Sox Scandal of 1919 is one of the most memorable and notorious gambling scandals in American history. After eight members of the Chicago White Sox agreed to throw multiple games in exchange of a large sum of money, the Cincinnati Reds took the World Series over the White Sox. Joseph Sullivan, a gambler, met with White Sox first baseman, C. Arnold Gandil and developed a plan to gather more team members and raise funds to throw the World Series. Due to their participation in throwing the game, the eight players involved in the scandal were banned from major league baseball. Many of the players admitted that the money they would receive influenced their actions. Although it is illegal to gamble on sporting games outside of Nevada, gambling scandals continue to make headline news today. Illegal gambling is not limited to individuals directly involved with the sport that the bet takes place in. In a study on illegal gambling in the United …show more content…

Delaware, Nevada, Montana, and Oregon were the only states that were immune to this law and were allowed to practice legalized sports wagering. These states, except for Nevada, are only able to exercise limited game betting. The law prevents the

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