Boston Red Sox Case Analysis

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Is it smart for the Red Sox to try to sign David Price this offseason? There is lots of spiculation on whether the Red Sox will shoot for the all star pitcher but there is no answer currently. He is a very skilled pitcher and has had many all-star years in his ten year career. David Prices contract is expiring after this season and the Boston Red Sox lack pitching. Although he is getting older and his skills are decreasing, he would be a strong pick up for the Boston Red Sox. According to the new President of Red Sox baseball would like to get an ace on the team, so the General Manager is seriously considering signing David Price for the position. This year David Price is having an amazing year and is in high voting for the Cy Young Award. Prices stats show that he did very well, with an ERA of 2.45 and a record of 18-5, he would be the number one starting pitcher in the rotation on the Red Sox roster ( The pitching bullpen for the Sox is very weak and it is very clear. The Sox will want him for his ability to shut teams out and his good consistency throughout the regular season. …show more content…

David Price is getting into his 30s and his skill could be starting to decline. Once a pitcher's peak is reached they can be quick to fall off with arm injuries. Money is another thing to consider with David Price, he will be asking for a lot of money. There is no telling how much he will want with a new contract but according to his salary currently is 19,750,000 million dollars a year. The Sox Will not want to sign one player for this much making them question is he worth it, especially with his terrible ERA of 5.34 and 0-7 record, he has a serious lack of success in all of his past postseason

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