The Chicago White Sox Ruined Baseball After Fixing The 1919 World Series

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The Chicago White Sox almost ruined baseball after fixing the 1919 World Series, but Babe Ruth and commissioner Kenesaw Landis saved it. It all went downhill when the 1919 Chicago White Sox decided to throw the World Series. Many people were angry and did not like baseball because of it. After the Series, someone confessed and they eventually got banned for life, two years after they confessed. Then came a rising star from Baltimore who changed the game forever and made people think differently about baseball. Then he got traded to New York Yankees,and his career only went up from there. The White Sox were one of baseball’s best teams, but owner Charles Comiskey paid them like they were the worst. Eddie Collins was the highest paid …show more content…

They thought no one would ever be able to fix a game, but a Series in the playoffs was not even in the picture. This gave baseball a very bad look in the public eye and people stopped watching baseball. Then they went to court and that lasted two years before they came to a decision. This was important because whatever their decision was would have to make people think that baseball was okay to watch. “The jury acquitted them. The suspected fixers got off clean. Despite solid testimony for the prosecution from Maharg and Burns (you should probably list the players and their positions earlier in the essay), the jury acquitted the Black Sox players. It appeared nothing would have swayed the jury otherwise; they left the courtroom hoisting the players on their shoulders and whooped it up that night at a Chicago restaurant together.”(3) This did not help the way that people thought about …show more content…

6, 1895, in Baltimore. For school, he went to a disciplinary school named St. Mary's that was really strict. That is where he learned to play baseball. He got so good that the owner of the Baltimore Orioles came to watch him play. (move this to after the first sentence in the paragraph) He started his baseball career in 1914 with the Baltimore Orioles, who were just a minor league the team. Later that year he started playing for the Boston Red Sox as a left-handed pitcher. (2) In school he played pitcher and was very good at it. When he signed with the Orioles, they quickly found out that he was not just a pitcher-he was the best batter on the team. He began to play mostly in the outfield in 1918.That year also marked his first big home-run season, when he hit 11 of

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