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  • New Jersey Budget Case Study

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    I was born February 13th, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia, but I lived the majority of my life in New Jersey. The New Jersey residents were faced with a strong Nor’easter, which brought hurricane force winds and rough seas to the New Jersey area. Governor Florio let it be known that the state will pay for the damages from the surplus in the budget. The record article from February 24, 1993 cited that the extra relief the state is providing would save the tourists and local beach goers between $60,000

  • New Brunswick, New Jersey: Community Characteristics

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    Community Assessment of New Brunswick, New Jersey Community characteristics Geography New Brunswick, also known as, “Hub City” or “The Healthcare City”, is a city located in Middlesex County in the eastern central part of the state of New Jersey. It is located on the southern bank of the Raritan River and about 30 miles west of New York City. New Brunswick is composed of eleven census tracts. The New Brunswick census tracts are surrounded by the following towns: Highland Park in the north, Edison

  • Comparison Essay: South Jersey Vs. New Jersey

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    New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in our country. Only Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island are smaller than New Jersey and oddly enough if combined would be almost as big. Most people outside of New Jersey know few things about our great state like the Turnpike, Atlantic City and that the Sopranos being filmed here. Most outsiders don 't know that despite its small size, New Jersey can be very regional. North Jersey and South Jersey are very distinct and contribute different things to our

  • Reasons For New Jersey Settlement

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    living with extreme taxes and tight living space? If you answered yes then you should come to New Jersey. This gem of a colony was first stepped on by a European in 1524 by Giovanni de Verrazano. After Giovanni “discovered” New Jersey was claimed for the Dutch by Henry Hudson who was actually British. The first settlers in this amazing land were the Dutch, Finnish, and Swedish. In 1660 the first New Jersey settlement was founded. Many people took the vast journey to come to this colony for promised

  • Colonial New Jersey Influence

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    the treatment of slaves, colonial New Jersey influenced history, and therefore, helped shaped modern day America. Because immense production of iron and livestock, colonial New Jersey influenced history, and therefore, helped shaped modern day America. Great Britain created a law, The Iron Act to help encourage people in the colony to manufacture more pig iron and iron bars and to be sent to England for trading, tax free, that help engage the trading via. New jersey manufactures tools, kettles, nails

  • Mary Higgins Clark Analysis

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    per year. Her career began with her book where are the Children, published in 1975, earning her approximately $100,000. She has more than fifty million book in print. She received best-seller status worldwide and, many awards came including the New Jersey author award in 1969. Creating writing class inspired her to write. With numerous bestselling books positive reviews and interesting personal life, Mary Higgins Clark is one of American’s most fascinating authors (McDonald). Clark grew up in Bronx

  • Nail Salon Memo

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    the City Attorney to look into nail salon regulations. This memo will address regulations the State of New Jersey has enacted in regards to nail salons and whether there is anything the City of Elizabeth can do to make sure that the appropriate protocols are being enforced. ISSUE Whether the City of Elizabeth can enact an ordinance to further strengthen state regulations on nail salons in New Jersey. SHORT ANSWER Yes. The main objective of the City of Elizabeth is to protect the health, safety, and

  • Child Protection And Permanency (DCPP)

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    Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) is New Jersey’s child protection and welfare agency and has the obligation to provide services for every child and family suffering from abuse and neglect. The Office of Adolescent Services (OAS) supports the transition of adolescents into adulthood and is obligated to develop a robust service system that seeks to provide services and supports youth. Both DCPP and OAS fall within the State of New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families (DCF).

  • Teamup Counseling: A Case Study

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    I had a wonderful time today when I interviewed this inspirational young lady Theia Smallwood from TeamUp Counseling; she is an intensive in home clinician/Individual Support Services Supervisor. Ms. Smallwood was energetic and blissful to talk about her career and her experience with her employer. She oversee master level clinicians who are working on becoming license master level clinicians social worker. Working on her job for 3 years she explained to me how much she loved her job and how much

  • William Moraley's Delay In The American Colonies

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    had rather leave a Place where I have no Prospect of advancing myself, than to continue here where I have not Friends to relive me.” (16) His only solution was to sell himself as an indentured servant in the American colonies in hopes of creating a new and better life for himself. His first of many misfortunes happened even before he set sail for America. His occupation as a watch-maker would be little service in America; those more labor-intensive occupations such as tanners, bricklayers, carpenters

  • Black Sox Scandal Research Paper

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    scandal were banned from major league baseball. Many of the players admitted that the money they would receive influenced their actions. Although it is illegal to gamble on sporting games outside of Nevada, gambling scandals continue to make headline news today. Illegal gambling is not limited to individuals directly involved with the sport that the bet takes place in. In a study on illegal gambling in the United

  • New Jersey Colony Essay

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    The New Jersey Colony became a part of the middle colonies in 1664. It was founded for trade and profits by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. New Jersey was named after the British Island Jersey. Before the british Colonized it and before the Dutch had settled there, The first people to live in New Jersey were the Lenni Lanape Indians. They were also the first farmers in New Jersey. Then in 1609 Henry Hudson sailed to america where he met the Lanapes. The Dutch believed that they could trade

  • Aggressive Driving In New Jersey

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    taken care of. In 2013, the New Jersey State Police reported that “the state had received the fewest fatal car accidents in over 60 years” (NJSP). This is due to a higher police presence and stricter laws prohibiting aggressive driving. Will this higher police presence and stricter laws be able to stop aggressive drivers in the state of New Jersey? Evelyn Nieves article, “It’s Not Safe to Drive Badly in New Jersey” (March 30, 1997), claims that aggressive driving in New Jersey is a prominent and hazardous

  • Mary Molly Pitcher Research Paper

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    show Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley was an outstanding person Mary Ludwig also some may know her as Molly Pitcher was an incredible woman. According to the article “Mary McCauley ( Molly Pitcher )” , Mary was born on October 13,1754 , outside Trenton, New Jersey. When she was 15 she moved to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to become a servant. Mary was the young servant to the family of Dr. William Irvine. She

  • William Penn Frontiers

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    The colony of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia were frontiers in many ways; they were greatly influenced by William Penn’s ideas politically, religiously, and economically. William Penn was born in England in the city of London to Admiral William Penn and Margaret Jasper on October 14, 1644. Admiral Penn was a wealthy and important admiral who served in the parliamentary navy during the English Civil War or the Puritan Revolution. Penn was awarded much land, but he fell into the disfavor

  • 1776: Plot And Summary

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    Film (A paragraph switch indicates a new scene / major event.): During the winter of 1776, after the colonies declared independence from Great Britain, the colonists (colonist army) were annihilated by both the British and by German mercenaries (Hessians.) As winter came upon America, the conditions made the colonists' chance of winning the war less. Even in the harsh conditions, the British still pursued the colonists. This mainly happened between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, at the Delaware river

  • Summary Of Sidney G. Fisher's The Quaker Colonies

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    the Puritan life. To begin with, Fisher analyzes the early years of William Penn’s life, which is the founder of Pennsylvania. Fisher then provides evidence behind the term “Quaker”. It then changes to the subject of the process of sailing to the new world, waiting on King Charles to grant

  • Thomas Paine And The American Revolution

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    America was able to beat the British because of many heroes and leaders. Three such people were George Washington,Thomas Paine, and Nancy Hart. George Washington proved that he was a leader at the Battle of Trenton on December 25th, 1776 in Trenton, New Jersey (Phillips 108). Washington watched for the opportunity to attack the Hessians when he knew they would not be prepared. He knew that they were huge on celebrating Christmas, so he attacked them on Christmas morning (Lass, George Washington’s Mount

  • New Jersey Roofing Research Paper

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    Quality is very important when someone hires a New Jersey roofing company. There are many perks to getting NJ roofing fixed. New Jersey roofing contractors know that if the repairs are done correctly and completely, there could be many more things damaged by the water leaking in. This is why it is extremely important to make the phone call as soon as the leak is noticed. Not only does it create a lot of damage to the inside of the home on the ceiling, walls and flooring, but it can get inside of

  • Pinelands Lab Report

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    Introduction: Southern New Jersey is home to an area of vast forests which are federally protected by the American Government. This area is known as the Pinelands, and it consists of many different plants, trees, and animals. Here in the Pinelands, all of these different species intertwine with one another, essentially needing one another in order to thrive and survive. Over the years, scientists have begun studying these relationships, today we know this as Ecology. In this particular lab,