Comparison Essay: South Jersey Vs. New Jersey

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New Jersey is the fourth smallest state in our country. Only Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island are smaller than New Jersey and oddly enough if combined would be almost as big. Most people outside of New Jersey know few things about our great state like the Turnpike, Atlantic City and that the Sopranos being filmed here. Most outsiders don 't know that despite its small size, New Jersey can be very regional. North Jersey and South Jersey are very distinct and contribute different things to our state. I am interested in both regions because I grew up in South Jersey assuming all of New Jersey looked the same. North Jersey by comparison is a totally different world. The first difference you notice driving from South Jersey to North Jersey is the lack of/abundance of open space. Getting off Exit 2 on the Turnpike is a surreal moment. It feels like you stepped out of civilization into an unsettled land dominated by large fields and trees. Towns and cities in South Jersey tend to be spread out and its residents enjoy a well-sized backyard, front yard, and an occasional giant deck. North Jersey has dense cities like Passaic, Newark, and Jersey City, which …show more content…

Both regions are neighbors to giant cities and, as a result, suffer from a little brother complex. South Jersey is next to Philadelphia, a city famous for heart-clogging cheese steaks and sports teams that are champions in disappointing their fans. North Jersey is right under arguably the greatest city in the world. Being constantly dwarfed by NYC has resulted in generations of North Jersey wise guys that overcompensate for a living. It not uncommon for someone from North Jersey to belittle NYC while wearing a Yankees t-shirt and drinking a Long Island Iced-Tea. South Jersey residents have embraced it is a larger neighbor and proudly root for anything Philadelphia. There is nothing unusual about someone from South Jersey rooting against the New Jersey Devils while wearing a Flyers T-shirt and devouring a

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