Compare And Contrast: Miami Vs. New York

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Miami and New York both are wonderful places to visit. New York, it is one of the most populated cities in the U.S for their large buildings and Miami is one of the state most popular vacation spots. Although there are several similarities between Miami and New York, there are many obvious differences between them in their economy, entertainment, and cultures. New York and Miami are well known for their economy. Living in Miami or New York is extremely luxurious. Firstly, both are expensive places to visit or live. The cost for a rent in Miami is approximately $1500 monthly. In the other hand, the cost in New York is around $2500. In addition, food prices in New York is higher than in Miami for example going out for dinner every day is almost impossible for a median class. Many people move from Miami to New York because certain jobs are better pursued in there. The salary is one of those reason people are moving to …show more content…

Comparing Miami and New York culture is like comparing oranges and apples. Both has been highly influenced by different cultures, and both have a strong diverse heritage. Miami is well known by having Cuban community influence. In Miami’s streets many people speak Spanish, it 's loud music and the smell of the delicious Cuban food will make you fall in love with the culture and magic of this city. Contrary to New York, Asia and Puerto Rico has marked its community. New York and Miami both are busy cities. Traffic is an everyday topic, and specially in New York, where many people take public transportation, such as the metro and buses. In the case of Miami, not everyone is used to public transportation, and in a household, everyone has their own car. Another cultural difference between Miami and New York is that New Yorkers live to work and Miami citizens work to live. The tradition in Miami is to take weekends to relax, go out with friends and have fun with the family, while in New York, the big companies never stop, and neither does its

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