Criteria 1: Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit Essay

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Criteria 1: Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit Ohio developed this Motion Picture Tax Credit in 2009 to motivate film industries to choose Ohio as their location and Cleveland has been the popular city to film movies in. Marvel Studios will thrive under this tax credit because “eligible productions can receive 30 percent on production cast and crew wages, as well as other eligible in-state spending” (Ohio Film Office). $300,000 must be spent on filming for this tax credit to apply to film producers. Of course, Marvel Studios spends in the millions, so that would not be a problem. Through this tax credit, Hollywood has been brought to Cleveland. In an 2016 article, “John Kasich's decision to raise the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit to $40 …show more content…

Marvel Studios would become part of the community and Cleveland’s businesses would welcome it by providing goods and services. By moving to Cleveland, Marvel Studios would have the incentives to stay local to film movies while having the community resources to access through local businesses. Figure 1 is below, and it is a visual representation of how Cleveland is growing. Marvel Studios would work well in Cleveland because jobs are being created and the city is growing economically. More educated individuals are graduating with advanced degrees and Marvel Studios would be able to work with them. Cleveland is becoming the city to live in economically and that is why relocating is the answer. Cleveland has many valuable resources to offer. The beautiful beaches all over Cleveland provide places that Marvel Studios could film. Lake Erie is a great lake and it surrounds Cleveland with attractions. Also, the city has downtown attractions such as Tower City, Progressive Field, Quicken Loans Arena, and many more venues. These different venues provide resources that Marvel Studios could thrive in. Cleveland is one of Ohio’s biggest cities, yet it still feels like a small town, so Marvel Studios could get away from one of the largest cities in America. Criteria 3: Cost of Living in Cleveland vs

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