Hollywood And The Movie Industry In The 1920's

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Hollywood and the Movie Industry

The 1920’s was an era of great transformation in the realm of the film industry. Hollywood created the merriment that entertainment brought. With that, it introduced a way of contentment to the entire world. The film industry truly began to flourish in the 1920’s. Thus, Hollywood is considered the birthplace for movie studios. Movie studios play a vital part during the production for a film. The studios are predominantly in charge of everything. This ranges from editing films to setting up “break” rooms for the cast that are on set. In current times, our society is greatly profused with movie studios all over the place, but during the 1920’s, only few studios succeeded due to having the financial stability
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The company was constituted by four brothers who were of Polish descent, Harry Warner, Albert Warner, Samuel Warner, and Jack Warner, managed to run a headquarters in New York, while regulating a studio in Hollywood. Not soon after the arise of the company, the Warner Brothers found themselves in some financial distress. Thereupon, the brothers were seeking a way to economically grow. Samuel Warner, in fact, suggested for the brothers to establish a patent on a process called vitaphone. The vitaphone made dialogue and sound emerge in film. The Warners were soon relieved of all financial worries, and consequently began to grow into a major motion picture studio that is still a dominant movie incorporation in today’s society (Warner…show more content…
Hollywood is also the birthplace for movie studios. The industry affected the 1920’s and modern times. The way in which it affected the 1920’s, was that everything about the film industry dramatically grew with the innovations and technologies that were created. It affected modern times by introducing a phenomenal industry that needed to be kept up to date in every aspect. It also affected times by being such a great financial stronghold that everyone in the world knew about. In a different view, the movie industry affected the 1920’s all through the modern times by providing viewers amazing entertainment. All in all, ranging from studios, to movie stars, to the luxurious lifestyles of the stars, Hollywood is one unique place that will never be
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