Neorealism In The Film 'Bicycle Thieves'

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At the end of World War II, Italy’s government started to fall, which made living there even tougher than it already was. The social class difference was an all time high and neorealism had become far more noticed by the people. Italian film was just becoming more popular and with everything happening in Italian society, filmmakers saw the opportunity to react. Italian cinemas began playing films showing difficulty within the economy along with problems in everyday life. This grabbed the attention of a significant amount of people including the government. Neorealism had taken over Italian cinema and the films were becoming known outside of the county. One film showing heavy doses of neorealism is Bicycle Thieves. This film came out a couple years after the ending of World War II and really opened up the eyes of many people showing how difficult Italy was doing. The movie, Bicycle Thieves, shows the heavy impact neorealism had on not only Italian cinema, but also international cinema as well. Film dates back all the way to the 1880’s where the first cameras were being produced. It was an exciting time for the whole world with this new technology. Over the years, while the cameras continued to improve, film did as well. The first film came out around 1905 and it turned out to be a huge hit. Through out many years, film improved rapidly and the problems of the world begin to appear in them. After the ending of World War II, the real truth started to come out about

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