1920s Vs 2000s

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Silent films, jazz concerts, sports, dancing marathons, radio entertainment. Video games, cable TV, digital movies, apps, internet. Any of these sound familiar? The first characteristics belong to the Silent Majority, which is the generation that lived in the 1920s. The other ones pertain to the Millennials, this generation consists of people born in the late 1980s all the way to 2000s. Two different generations that even though they seem very different, they can be similar in some aspects and some of the main themes that compare both times are transportation, media and entertainment. How is transportation compared in both times? Transportation in the 1920s was mainly by trolley and train. But when the first car was invented, it created a revolution and the car became so popular at the time. It was much its popularity, that it became a need. And the main difference between the 1920s and now, with millennials, is that now the car …show more content…

After World War I, people in the 1920s had money to spend, which helped the entertainment industry to rise. Radio introduced music to society as well as the famous singers became easily known with it. Plays and movies also became popular. Movies had no sound at first, until 1927 when the first film with sound came out. Newspapers mainly informed about celebrities and their works. “Ironically, at the very time when intellectuals proclaimed that the arts could not flourish in America, literature, art and music were undergoing the greatest period of creativity in the nation's history" (Miller, Nathan). In the present, all of the already mentioned is within reach for millennials. The film industry keeps its place as the number one in entertainment. But movies are not seen only in cinemas; almost every American has a TV in their house at the time which is a way to watch movies, internet is another source of watching movies. Entertainment for millennials consists mainly of anything that can be found on mobile devices with

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