Dbq Essay On The 1920s

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The 1920s, also known as the “Roaring Twenties”, was an exhilarating time full of significant social, economic, and political change. For most Americans, it was full of the prosperity and peace that followed World War I. Middle-class life was full of leisure and class. For others, this time period was filled with hardships and challenges. Many immigrants and African-Americans faced discrimination and segregation from the rest of the United States. One notable, positive aspect of the 1920s was its booming economy. In a period known as bull market, the economy was booming and stock market trading increased, the economy flourished. Installment buying allowing Americans to buy more even if they didn’t have all the money. This helped the economy prosper throughout most of the 1920s. An important factor contributing to this economic was the automobile industry. As shown in Document 9, a graph from the Historical Statistics of the United States, the mass production of automobiles led to millions of people across the country buying automobiles. Automobiles gave people the opportunity to travel and go further from their homes within a short …show more content…

Many Americans at this time had radios at home with which they listened to news and music. This led to mass culture, which allowed the United States to have a more widespread, collective culture. As shown by Document 1, the cover of Life magazine, fads and new ideas of the time, such as new dance styles, had a great effect on the lifestyles of ordinary American citizens across the country. Mass culture was beneficial because it led to a more unified feeling across the United States. As a result, people were now much more able to express themselves, because mass culture led to a more socially progressive American society. Mass culture was also the result of the economic prosperity, as people now had money to spend on leisure and

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