Was The 1920s Good Or Bad Essay

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Canada’s life in 1920’s and 30’s were bad and good.During those times lot’s of great things happened, but there were also really bad things that happened because of the great depression.Canada wasn 't having only wonderful things that happen during the old days.Everything and everyone in this world has their ups and downs. This essay will be about why the 1920s was great and why the 1930’s was bad. First reason why 1920s was called the boom times was During that time everyone one had jobs.Both men and women had jobs.Lot’s of women worked as teachers,nurses and more.Men worked as farmers,lawyers,and bankers.Many new things were invented,like Henry Ford car and radios.It helped them with their jobs and because of the new products people had great paying jobs.An important was that Unions were also helping out the worker and leading them. “ recognition of the auto workers’ union as the legitimate representative of those workers.”(Gordon).That’s when the great depression came in,people became poor and stopped buying the new products: “Labor Department reported 1,499,000 jobless persons,or 3.1 percent of all employables.”(Holley).Many workers lost their jobs.The stock market also crashed so that made it worse. …show more content…

“a series of corrections as the values of many stocks began to fall from their highs earlier in the decade”(Selby).People were afraid of the stock market crash,which led to the great depression in 1930s.During the 1920s when the stock market didn 't crash people had lot’s of money,many people wanted to change their fashion and

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