New Women In The 1920s Essay

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Many portray the 1920s as a time of lighthearted leisure and prosperity. When in fact this period consisted of significant economic , social and cultural conflicts. Technological innovations sparked the economy and life post war was significantly different with the introduction to what we know as the “New women” the new women also sparked many social conflicts. Along with the New women tension between religion and science also sparked many important conflicts during the time we know as the Jazz Age. With the dawn of the automobile and the age of consumers the economy in the 1920s was about to boom. Branding and marketing became huge in the 1920s and everyone was spending. Everyone wanted to have the latest thing, people began to compete with …show more content…

Women now began playing a role in the work place during the 1920s which caused many cultural changes and conflicts.. Women now began to take on various jobs previously done by men, Jobs such as welding, mining. Pharmaceutical and law. Women also began to dress differently and act differently during this time. They were dressing less conservatively and participating in things such as drinking and smoking. Women began to transition from a passive role of house keeper to a more active role in society. This was the New women, When men returned from world war one life as the once knew had changed drastically. The modern women was now economically independent and self sufficient. This started many cultural conflicts as many disagreed with woman's rights and claimed they had a separate role in the world which wasn’t in the work place and didn’t deserve the same freedoms as men. The modern women was also blamed for the decline in marriage, now being economically independent women could have relationships that did not lead to marriage or a family. This was a new freedom for women and really shook up our countries culture. This large group of young brave women in their twenties and thirties took the role of the modern woman and truly changed society, as we still live today heavily influenced by the changes they

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