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Tap into the Florida economy with a local Jacksonville area code. Purchase area code 904 for your business today with Nextiva. Jacksonville Area Code 904 Jacksonville has an estimated population of 907,000 people and is the biggest city in Florida. Jacksonville is also the biggest city by area in the lower 48 states in the US, and covers almost 875 square miles. It’s located in Duval County in the north eastern corner of the state. Area code 904 also contains St. Johns County, Nassau County, Baker County, and Clay County. Jacksonville is a great city to purchase your Florida area code in because it’s 141 miles from Orlando, 166 miles from Tallahassee, and 346 miles from Atlanta, Georgia. History of the City Spain ceded the FLorida territory …show more content…

Future job growth in the city in the next ten years is expected to be 39%. The economy in area code 904 is strong, and the average household income is $46,000, which is slightly lower than the US average of $53,000. Over 17% of the population makes over $100,000 a year, and the three most common occupations for residents in the Jacksonville area code are health care and social assistance, retail trade, and finance and insurance. Notable Awards and Events Jacksonville, Florida was #2 on the Forbes list of “10 Cities Americans are Moving To Right Now” in 2016. The same publication also chose Jacksonville as #5 on their list of “America’s 25 Fastest Growing Cities” in 2017. Some of the biggest events in the Jacksonville area code every year are the Jax Boat Show, the 26.2 with Donna, and Collective Con. Get a Jacksonville Area Code for your Business You no longer need to open a new office in Jacksonville or hire a team to expand your business in Florida. Instead, purchase your Jacksonville area code from Nextiva. With the VoIP services you will be able to answer calls to area code 904 on your smartphone, desktop computer, and tablet from anywhere in the world. If you’re ready to get started, call Nextiva for instant activation today. The digital phone systems require zero extra equipment to it’s possible to start with zero extra

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