College Admissions Essay: A Career In The Sports Industry

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As a child, there were many different occasions that I was asked what I wanted to achieve throughout my life when I grew up. For the first three quarters of my life, I chose the typical professions such as a fireman, or a baseball coach, but only in the latter did I truly decide on a practical occupation that I would love to do and be skilled enough to do. I have always had a true passion for the sports industry and have loved to learn and observe all the behind the scenes detail that go into producing a high quality game on a major sports level. Since roughly 10th grade I’ve put all my thought into business and how many major sports franchise operate. The more I learn the more intrigued I am to get into the sports industry, although I quickly …show more content…

From a young age I seemed to be under the impression that college was the only path for everyone. When I got to high school the tables were really turned and there were many options laid out on the table for me. But I had always wanted to go to college and by the tenth grade I knew I wanted to go into the business field. My mother and father both work very hard for all the money our family needs. My father is a postman and my mother works as a secretary at my high school. Seeing the way, they both earned their livings was enough for me to understand that college wasn’t a must to make a livable income. My father actually has multiple times tried talking me out of going into college. They are what has given me the motivation to go to college. Hearing the many stories about how my mom had gone to college for a couple years before being constricted by debt, has pushed me to actively pursue the many scholarships I’ve applied for. My goal as I continue my education is to be the first in my family to graduate from a college, and my passion for the love of sports, especially our Cleveland teams, will help me get there as I strive to major in marketing and one day get to work for a professional sports franchise somewhere around the

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