Kinesiology Career Research Paper

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Kinesiology is the study of body movement and physical therapy lies in a career that relates to aiding many people with injuries, diseases, or deformity. Rather than using drugs or surgery, physical methods such as massages, heat treatments, or exercise can rehabilitate the people to become the best they could ever be. Having the ability to help people physically and mentally has influenced my choice to enter the field of sport medicine.
The soul purpose of a physical therapist is to help people gain their ability to move, decrease the amount of pain, and to be able to have complete function of their body. For example, if a child has no movement in their legs due to a car crash, physical therapist must have the ability to accurately diagnose …show more content…

If an athlete every gets injured then as a physical therapist will assist them and rehabilitate them back to normal. Knowing that I can help an athlete get back on their feet and continue their sport is a great feeling. Helping others in general. The hours physical therapist work depends on the person, but it 's generally hours in the day. They work about 8 to 9 hours. The median salary of a physical therapist is about $85,000 a year. The amount of years in the workforce and how high the degree is, then the salary can vary.
There is a list of classes that must be taken to become a physical therapist: anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, statistics, and psychology. In order to get admission to a physical therapy education program then those classes are required to be taken. The grade that the student got is also important to get accepted to the program. Tuition for the program that is public and in-state is about $14,427, for out of state is about $29,157, and for privates is about $31,716.
After graduating the student can pursue a residency or a fellowship program to enhance their skills and to have more practice. To become licensed the student must pass a state-administered national exam. If not passed then they would not be able to be

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