Physical Therapist Career Essay

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By 2026 physical therapy jobs are said to be increased by 25% (“10 Interesting Physical Therapy Facts & Statistics,” 28 Dec. 2017). Physical therapists are doctors that help people who have pain during movement or have lost some range of motion. They help those patients regain their abilities or manage their pain (Bellamy). This is a great career to go into. There are many aspects that go into being a physical therapist like degrees, advancement opportunities, day to day responsibilities, and much more. There are many colleges that can be attended to become a licensed physical therapist, but also many degrees needed. One important degree that is needed in the physical therapy field is a D.P.T., also known as a Doctor of Physical therapy …show more content…

One responsibility PTs deal with during the day is creating treatment plans for their patients (Gardner). This is very important for physical therapists, because they are in charge of their patients physical health and they need to be able to smoothly plan out the best course of action for them. Another responsibility physical therapists have throughout the day is being able to run an examination. This is vital to a physical therapists day to day life, because they are constantly treating patients so it is important for them to be able to run an examination correctly (Gardner). “Many PTs say they spend about 80 percent of their time each day in patient care, with the remaining 20 percent focused on administration,” (“Typical Workday for a Physical Therapist,” 5 Jan. 2011). This quote gives insight on a typical day of a physical therapist. Along with physical tasks, a responsibility that PTs endure during a typical workday is doing paperwork, filing reports, and insurance claims (“Typical Workday for a Physical Therapist,” 5 Jan. 2011). This is the more administrative part of the career and it tends to be less important or impactful on their overall day, but it also needs to be done in order to do the job

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