Occupational Therapy Personal Statement Essay

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and intrigued by the mind-body connection as well as the importance of human activity and occupation in maintaining mental and physical well-being. At the same time, my desire to work directly with people and be able to make a positive and lasting change to their lives by empowering them and helping discover their strengths and confidence in themselves to achieve their goals, led me to a realization that a career in occupational therapy would be a perfect fit for me. To me occupational therapy is a dynamic, rewarding, challenging, and inspiring field where I can fully realize my skills and knowledge. Having always been a firm believer in the patient-centric approach, I am passionate about providing excellent service to patients by improving their performance, preventing illness and disability and promoting adaptation to life …show more content…

It empowered me with such skills as critical thinking, writing and communication, responsibility and hard work by providing interrogative and problem based learning. My studies cover a wide range of subjects each of which served as an invaluable contributor to my current knowledge and shaped the skills that are necessary to be successful in the occupational therapy field. When I completed my studies in Russia, I particularly enjoyed learning about sociology, religion, and ethics. It taught me the importance of being culturally aware and tolerant, to think outside the box and search for the underlying reasons. However, psychology and pedagogy became my favorite subjects. During that time I got involved with research and started working at the childcare center as a counselor. I truly enjoyed working with children helping them to learn new skills, planning different activities, motivating and engaging them. I found that experience incredibly enjoyable and rewarding and decided to further explore the studies of psychology and child development in

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