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The eleventh of May, two-thousand twelve, my world collapsed. It was as if every piece of my life was crumbling into a pile of brokenness. David Martin Pearson of eighteen years, had passed away from a brutal fight against brain cancer. David showed me there is more to life than battles, devastating occurrences, and depression. Since the passing of my brother, my life has completely changed to becoming a leader and taking a stand for those who are unable to fight. David’s KIDS, Kids Inspired to Do Something, is a group founded by my sister, Austin and me. Every month, around the fifteenth, David’s birth date, we would deliver presents to families who had a child with cancer and their siblings. When my brother was sick, most of the attention was directed towards him, as it should be; my sisters and I …show more content…

My desire to serve others was influenced by my brother. He continually gave to others while battling cancer. I am continuing his legacy by serving at local schools and church. I volunteer for Kids Crossing, at church which is a program that allows parents to drop their children off to an age appropriate Bible study. I enjoy becoming a part of these children’s lives because I get to see them grow in their relationship with God. My plan is to become an occupational therapist and help others of all ages overcome obstacles in their lives. I currently have the privilege of shadowing an OT at Children’s Hospital of Richmond Outpatient Therapy. I have worked hard to achieve high standards of academic excellence I set for myself, while balancing volunteering and attending club activities. As a result of my desire to excel I developed anxiety. The negative aspect of my anxiety is that I have weak standardized test taking skills due to the constant thoughts of being perfect, thus my ACT and SAT scores are not indicative of my academic

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