Mental Health Career

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If I were going to pick a Mental Health job, I would chose a occupational therapists. This Career is very helpful to children with developmental disabilities. To do help them they must use special tools like tactical sensory toys, chewy bracelets and foot bands are just a few examples of tools used.
Almost any college is good for this career path. For a masters it will take 1.5-2 years. They will also help people who have been or are injured or Sick. The degree needed is a masters degree to be an entry level employee. All occupational therapists must be licensed in all states. The Skills required are: Determination, Patience, …show more content…

Next they must get to know their patient and know their illness or disability. Another thing is they will usually help one person for a couple of years but the age doesn 't matter. There should be a 27% increase in need for (OT) Occupational Therapist . There will also be more jobs will be open. This will increase the salary for a Occupational Therapist …show more content…

This will change depending on you and your hours. You are responsible for the patience recovery process as they are disabled and need help. Good sleep and being on time is important. You must get sleep as you will be working hours to educate these people .Being on time is important and you could get fired for not showing up, so you must come on time. This job is important as it will help people with disabilities overcome that obstacle. The job should only have somebody that is: Carefull, Nice , Diligent and caring. This Job requires you to take care and exercise the patient 's mind and body. The pros and cons: Pros, 1 You know how to work with disabled people. 2 You learn an early schedule . 3 You have fun with the patience. 4 You feel accomplished when the disability is no obsidian to them. 5 You have to travel to see your next patent. 6 You will know about disabilities. 7 The job is fun. 8. You learn about people. 9 You get to see people overcome their disabilities. 10 There is a high demand for this job.
Cons: 1. It could be expensive to travel. 2. The Client could be rude or difficult to work with. 3. You might have to work on

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