Occupational Therapy Application Essay

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Occupational therapy saved my family. Growing up with a sister with severe spastic cerebral palsy to include both cognitive and functional deficits, life existed on a day to day, hour by hour basis, as we were unsure of challenges each moment would bring. This all changed the moment occupational therapy brought quality of life back to me and my family. My very personal experience defined my purpose to become an occupational therapist, to pay the gift given my family forward. As an occupational therapist I would like to help individuals who are differently abled gain quality of life and independence by improving upon both mental and physical challenges to function as a whole person, as this is what I understand the role of the occupational therapist from both personal and observational experience to be. I believe this is accomplished through providing encouragement and support, educating each client and their loved …show more content…

Establishing a Bachelor 's degree in Kinesiology, taught me the fundamentals of human movement and wellness. Following my Bachelor’s, I went on to pursue a Master’s of Science in Kinesiology where I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with my mentors and principal investigators in their psychophysiological laboratory. My master’s program prepared me to work in this research setting and participate in a challenging interdisciplinary program. It was while participating in this research program that I had the opportunity to work with participants, both children and adults, who were exceedingly ill individuals with functional and mitochondrial disorders. Both of my degree’s helped create an interdisciplinary approach towards human kinetics and wellness, by focusing on body awareness and muscle feedback; pain and stress can be reduced. Therefore, improving a person’s overall health and

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