Comparison Of Occupational Therapy In America Compared To Sweden

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How does Occupational Therapy in America compare to Sweden? Although, the countries are different. The ultimate goal of therapists everywhere is the same. To improve the quality of life of the population that is being served. The establishment of the field over 100 years ago has shaped the care that is provided to our client population. Cultural norms and healthcare regulations may have some impact on how some interventions are executed but, ultimately, all Occupational Therapists have the same goal, and that is to provide client centered, purposeful, and meaningful interventions that will ultimately improve the quality of life those that we serve.
Establishment of The field The Theories used in the fieild that we now know as Occupational …show more content…

Occupational Therapy is a therapy that blankets everything people do in their lives. Such a broad field can be very difficult to define. Unlike Physical Therapy who people instantly identify as a field that get people walking. In the past the vision of the field was broader. “In 2004 The Scenario were developed” a structure created with the Occupational Therapy framework. Medicare guidelines and reimbursement rates in the field of occupational therapy have been limited in the past because the Occupational Therapy field has failed id as a …show more content…

The structure of this system provides the citizens of Sweden with the support necessary to maintain optimal health.” People in Sweden are living increasingly longer. “The average life span is now 83.7 years for women and 80.1 years for men. This can be attributed in part to falling mortality rates from heart attacks and strokes. In 2013, 19.4 percent of the country’s population was 65 or older” (Healthcare in Sweden,

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