Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Elderly adults usually experience problems in their daily lives due to health-related disabilities and chronic diseases. This makes it difficult for them to perform self-care activities. An elderly may need to complete various daily living activities such as taking care of their personal hygiene which may include oral care, grooming, and bathing. At times performing these activities tend to be very difficult, but with a little bit of help and therapy, they usually manage themselves. There is certain characteristic that the elderly possess that will help them in completing the ADL once they decide to take part in the therapy. These characteristics include their attitude towards aging and dependency rates. An elderly with positive beliefs about …show more content…

However, When an OTA goes back and studies for a two-year associate’s degree and becomes a COTA, they can supervise the OT since they are considered to have more knowledge than the OT’s. This may be necessary for situations when the occupation therapy assistant is working in partnership with the occupational therapy. This helps promote promotion growth with the aim of achieving competence. In this case, both the OT and OTA have the responsibility for creating a collaborative progressive working plan. The difference between supervision of an OT aide and that of an OT when done by the OTA is due to how much the supervision is done. In the case of an OT, the supervision is very critical, minimal and straight to the point. In OT aide, the OTA supervises the OT aide directly with close supervision, onsite and daily. With growth in supervisory skills, the OT can supervise the OT aide through treatment observations, document review and electronic or written communication. To supervise an occupational therapist, the OTA needs to become a COTA after studying for a two-year associate’s degree. Once they do this, they will have more skills and knowledge as compared to the OT which will give them an upper hand in supervising due to stronger supervisory skills. To supervise an OT aide, the OTA need to use discretion skill, consider their working partnership with their supervisor and use adequate time management and utilization skills. While supervising the OTA, OT or the OT aide, it is necessary for there to be teamwork. This is because good supervisors will require you to use a variety of leadership styles and approaches to be able to address the differing roles, responsibility, and personalities of the people they are supervising. As such, they may end up educating, supporting and managing the team they are

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