Occupational Therapy Papers

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Occupational therapy provides assistance for those who are in need of assistance with daily living and work skills. These specialists work with people of various demographics to handle normal life challenges in a safe and healthy manner.

How does occupational therapy work?

The therapist determines what is important to the patient, and the obstacles preventing the patient from enjoying these aspects of life. Then, they develop a treatment plan which includes measurable goals and outcomes.

Practitioners treat all aspects of the individual, including evaluating their home and other regular environments to determine where changes might benefit the client. The therapist provides skills, and teaches the patient implementation ideas and techniques. …show more content…

Those with difficulties processing sensory input can learn how to filter through the multitude of information bombarding them throughout the day and coping strategies to minimize the amount of incoming messages.

What are the benefits of receiving occupational therapy services?

Patients referred to an occupational therapist gain self-esteem through mastery of tasks that appeared overwhelming beforehand. Those who remain engaged in therapy can develop and meet daily schedules. Often, patients can gain the life skills needed for independent living, as opposed to residing in a group home.

Socially, successful treatment provides more opportunities for patients to develop meaningful friendships and pursue romantic interests down the road. Leisure activities and taking up hobbies are also possible for patients that have gained self-awareness and interests in such pursuits.

Occupational therapists may teach clients about financial management, including the ability to create a budget. These skills allow patients to pursue other interests where saving over a period of time for a desired object is required. For instance, buying a bicycle or a new video game

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