Why I Want To Be An Occupational Therapist

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What I admire most in the field of Occupational Therapy is that I get to make a profound difference in people 's lives. It is one of few careers where individuals get an opportunity to assist patients interpersonally, and help them achieve their goals with activities of daily living. What brings me a feeling of accomplishment and inner enlightenment is the opportunity to give people the chance to grow or start over. This train of thought arose when my grandfather had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, perhaps one of the most lethal carcinomas in existence. This period of time was rather challenging for myself, taking on the responsibility of assisting my virtually immobile grandfather. Given the fact that my grandfather exhibited severe …show more content…

Both of my parents had come to the United States of America from Uzbekistan with virtually no education, my mother would work copious hours and attend college simultaneously to provide for the family. Being the older sibling, it became my responsibility to watch over of my younger brother who had yet to develop the ability to care for himself. Such an experience was very fulfilling being able to basically raise a youngster, and incorporate my passion and knowledge of basic Occupational Therapy in helping him reach his milestones. My long-term professional goal as an aspiring Occupational Therapist is to establish myself in an institution such as a school for disabled children, a path that would provide great fulfillment for my passion. Upon completion of my OT program, the skills I will have developed will guide me to create positive outcomes for the children I will be working with. Facilitating direct involvement through one-on-one interactions with children, periodic assessment of improvement, and working with parents so they may consistently apply the same exercises at home, are some of the key strategies I plan to

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