Physical Therapy Observation

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Throughout the semester, I have gained a better understanding of adapted physical education and sport programs. These programs provide children and adults with an opportunity to participate in sports they may not have thought were possible. The modifications to sport and exercise allows individuals with a range of disabilities to engage in activity. The disabilities can range from a mild learning disability to a permanent condition caused from a serious accident. While observing numerous individuals with disabilities, I was able to obtain a better understanding of the challenges that came with physical activity. The majority of my observations were done at Melanie Massey Physical Therapy. While I was there, I was able to observe individuals …show more content…

Some suffered with ADHD and autism and others suffered with impaired sensory perception. During OT, most children began their session by swinging. This helped with vestibular input by calming them down and enabling them to stay focused for a longer period of time. There was a large therapy ball that a few children rolled and bounced on with the assistance of their OT that helped with their proprioceptive input. This was also used to help calm the children down. I observed a four year old girl that was tiny for her age. She worked on proprioceptive and vestibular input like the other children. One major difference is that her condition has not been diagnosed. The doctor suspect a chromosome issue, but her family has not gone for additional testing. Although she can recognize shapes, colors, and letters, she is still delayed. Her primary mode of getting around was scooting on her butt until she was three years old. She flailed her arms which reminded me of characteristics of autism, but I was told that was her way to be in touch with her senses, as well as pulling her hair. I enjoyed watching the children interact because it was a nice change from the sports related conditions I was used to seeing. Aside from the younger patients I observed, I also observed older patients. One was an older lady with multiple sclerosis who was wheelchair bound. During her session, she worked on exercises

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