Jeannie Cooper Reflection

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Over the last semester, I got to shadow at Prowers Medical Center (PMC) Rehabilitation Center. I shadowed the occupational therapist Jeannie Cooper.
As I shadowed, I was able to observer procedures and learn what an occupational therapist does. The first thing I ever learned that there was three kinds of patients that Jeannie saw: out patient, in patient, and home health. Out patients are people who come into the clinic to see the therapist. In patients are people who are emitted into the hospital who the doctor orders to have the therapist come in and work with them to get them better before they can leave. The last is home health. These patients are seen at home for different reasons. Not being able to drive or not being stable enough to make the trip to the …show more content…

Before this, she was living on her own and her goal was to be able to go back home and do all the things she was doing before. At first, it was really hard for her to even stand up and put weight on her leg. As time went on, she was able to walk a short distance with a walker. Jeannie was beside her making sure she did not fall and I followed with a wheelchair just in case she got too tired to continue her walk.
For home health, Jeannie took me to do some home assessments. For these, we lookat the safety of the home for the patient and how the home can be fixed to make it safer. Things like the shower, toilet, and the entrance of the home are looked at. I have also gotten to work with some home health patients. When we go to a home health, Jeannie works with the patients on tasks that would be performed by the patient daily.
I am so glad that I have gotten the opportunity to go and shadow Jeannie. This experience has solidified me decision of wanting to go to school to become an occupational therapist. Seeing how Jeannie works with people and is able to make a difference in their lives makes me want to do the same

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