Compare And Contrast The MOHO Model And PEOP Model

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Student name: Ho Man Ka , Manka Student ID: 15002488 Topic: Compare and contrast the MOHO Model and PEOP Model A. Introduction This essay aim is to compare the three different mainly parts of the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) and the Person-Environment-Occupational Performance model. (PEOP), which is basic assumptions, components and applications MOHO is a client centred, occupation focused, evidence based conceptual model of practice. (Kirsty Forsyth , Gary kielhofner.) It was the first occupation focused model to be introduced in the profession by kielhohner et al, 1980. The PEOP model is a client-centered model organized to improve the daily performance of necessary and valued occupations of individuals, organizations and populations and their meaningful participation in the world around them.(Christiansen,C.H.BAUM,C.M.&Bass-Haugen.J.2005) . PEOP began its development in 1985 as a guide to occupational therapy intervention by Charles Christiansen and Carolyn M. Baum, so MOHO was early began development then PEOP Model. B. Basic Assumptions As we all knew that occupational therapy provide a practical and relevant interventions that let people improve their quality of the daily life. The MOHO model is more focus on the each people’s intrinsic properties and external environment linked into a dynamic system or consider people input, output and throughput. And the PEOP model not similar to MOHO Model, it has property that are similar to other social

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