Analysis Of Ohanohano By Anthony T. Kaho

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For this week’s discussion, I instantly thought of my grandfather during World War II saving the lives of his crew in the south pacific, my mother as my childhood hero, and of course all those action movie heros. I decided to choose an every day “hero”, the kind that truly defines what it means to be a hero. The story and clip I found is a combination of the movie clips and the story of Anthony T. Kaho’ohanohano. It is about a man that swam for five hours to save the lives of four members of his family. He willing put his life at risk, because he knew that it was what needed to be done. After the 16ft boat the five people were on, capsized in a storm, John Riggs left for shore to get help, knowing that it was the only hope to save his sister, father, daughter and nephew.. He swam for five hours in cold jellyfish infested waters, having to stop and …show more content…

When you turn on the nightly news and all you see is the bad in the world, the hurt, and the corruption that has engulfed us as a society, it is nice to see someone do something not because they will get paid or become famous, but because they know its simple the right thing to do. This story fits the concept of a hero most similar to Bernardo’s explaination of a hero. Riggs’ saved his family and risked his life not because thats what people would expect but because he had the responsiblity to take care of them. Just like Bernardo states, he did this “because he loves them and wants to”. Riggs displayed the kind of courage it takes to be a hero. When Aunt May says, “there’s a hero in all of us”, this is what she is talking about. Facing the hardest situation of your life, thats when you have to muster up the courage and strength to over come the fear of failing and letting the persons or people you care most about down. His niece will forever remember that day and see him as a “real hero”, and thats what the world needs more

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