Selflessness In Beowulf

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Every past and modern culture over the course of history, has its hero’s. A hero is a person or figure that others look up to and use as forms of protection. Many cherish the hero’s, they make up who we are today. The Anglo-Saxon hero, Beowulf, and the postmodern hero/hero’s, the soldiers, both show the traits of bravery, selflessness, and loyalty. To have the trait of bravery you have to have lots of confidence in yourself and have courage. In part one of “Beowulf” the hero, Beowulf goes to the Danes with courage and confidence to defeat Grendel and the dragon in part two. He had lots more confidence and courage when it was time to face Grendel than he did when it was time to face the dragon. He had more confidence fighting Grendel then …show more content…

To be selfless is to make sure the needs of others is put before your needs. Beowulf the Angelo-Saxon hero, made sure the safety of the Danes came before his. He put his life on the line just to fight off the monsters or dragons that made the lives of others miserable. In part two, Beowulf fights off the dragon but he dies after killing the dragon, his last words were to Wiglaf, he told him to take care of his people. The soldiers leave their home and families to fight for our country and our freedom. They put their life on the line for the citizens of the United States of America. The final characteristic of a great hero is loyalty. Loyalty is staying true to what you say or say you will do. Beowulf was loyal to the Danes and Geats, when he said he will fight off the enemies he stuck to his word. He had no fear fighting off Grendel, but he did have fear fighting the dragon, but he was not going to give up. Beowulf was so loyal to the Geats he died after killing the dragon. The soldiers in the world are loyal to our country by protecting the citizens and obeying orders. Some soldiers die fighting, but most soldiers would be happy to die that way knowing that they fought for our

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