Essay On Good And Evil In Beowulf

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In “Beowulf,” there are many concepts of good and evil portrayed in the epic poem by an unknown author. Beowulf brings good to the Geats. The people would say he was a gift from the Gods to battle and demolish the evil. The monsters, however, cause trouble to the people and bring out the evil in everything. These elements of good and evil help define this an epic poem. Being an epic hero, Beowulf was very brave and battled many immortal creatures. One monster he came across was Grendel. “Conceived by a pair of the monster born of Cain, murderous creatures banned by God..,”(44), Hrothgar’s men would say. This is a reference from the Bible, showing the evil portrayed in the monster Grendel. This monster went to Herot and killed thirty men just because he was hungry. The battle between the good and evil was vigorous, but …show more content…

As king, Beowulf stepped up and fought the malevolent dragon in his last battle. In his last boast he uttered, “ I’ve never known fear, as a youth, I fought endless battles. I am old, now, but I will fight again, seek fame still, if the dragon hiding in his tower dares to face me.” (62). Beowulf was very confident for the circumstances. In this example, Beowulf portrays the reason this poem is an epic poem. He had faith that he could conquer the evil once again after fifty years. In the end, Beowulf did indeed vanquish the dynamic dragon, but he also beat himself. Beowulf was a great hero from battle to battle. He would overcome many obstacles of evil and bring good to the Geats. It was a miracle that Beowulf could fight this evil and actually trounce it. In remembrance of the heroic king and his miraculous triumph, Hrothgar and his men built a tower in Beowulf’s honor. Many elements of good and evil bring the “epic” element to an epic poem. Beowulf became an epic hero because of all of the great achievements he accomplished for his

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