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The epic poem Beowulf is a classic tale of good versus evil. Good, as shown in the story, is any action that fights evil and defends the community and the people of it. The evil intent of Grendel, the story’s antagonist and cannibalistic murderer, who is depicted as a “fiend out of hell” (99), is strongly countered by the heroic actions of the stories main protagonist, Beowulf. The noble King Hrothgar is a role model for young Beowulf at the beginning of the epic, displaying acts of charity and wisdom throughout his life. As he ages, Beowulf defends his people with the same intent as the former king and displays the same heroism that is apparent in the United States military. Heorot, a dining hall that provides Hrothgar’s people place …show more content…

evil. Beowulf is the archetype warrior hero whose one purpose is to defend the innocent and vulnerable of his people. Whether it is the devil incarnated, the mother of the monster, or a fire-breathing dragon, he is capable of defending the Danes and Geats. Without his heroism and bravery, these people would’ve faced certain death under a weakened, but good, King Hrothgar. Beowulf uses the same selflessness as the military that defends our country, and is as great of a warrior as each and every one of the soldiers in the United States armed services. The king did display good in a different way, however. He was charitable in his creation of Heorot, a dining hall for the Danes. This provided the meeting place for his people and housed the king’s men and his constituents. Bill Gates, a modern Hrothgar, gives in his own way with millions of dollars donated to the research, prevention, and treatment of serious diseases, as well as funding humanitarian causes around the world. Around the world, good is always attempting to defeat evil no matter how large or unforgiving. From diseases to terrorist organizations, the evils of the world will meet their match with the same bravery and charitable attitude as Beowulf and King Hrothgar in the epic poem of

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