Examples Of Figurative Language In Beowulf

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Overtime, the individuals within Herot have become aware of evils and menacing conditions that have sprung from Grendel’s and his mother environment. Unfortunately, Beowulf’s boastful attitude and past war experiences with numerous creatures has led him to undermine dangers of Grendel’s mother and the environment. During the Hrothgar speech, he uses figurative language, vivid examples, and displeasing syntax to demonstrate how Grendel’s environment is filled with treachery, hellish components, and danger, that can affect Beowulf’s health and also his ability to kill Grendel’s mother. This speech attempts to create a sense of fear and concern for Beowulf, which will allow him to develop a humble mindset to prevent death and preserve his health. …show more content…

Hrothgar also provides many unpleasant hyperboles and metaphors to display the evils in which the environment attains. As “the lake burns like a torch,” “waves splash toward the sky,” and creatures “prefer to die on the shores,” Hrothgar uses this figurative language to assert that Beowulf must understand the evils and overcome his immodesty. Hrothgar attempts to create the most vivid image of Grendel’s environment, to emphasis the difficulty and danger of coming out this area alive. Although uses unpleasant diction to create a sense of fear, he also provides emotional appeals to demonstrate the significance of Beowulf’s actions in “saving” Herot. Due to menacing, hellish, and evil image that this area upholds, the “heavens weep” due to their antipathy of Grendel’s area. Hrothgar exemplifies his confidence and caring attitude toward Beowulf as he includes a reference to God, with “save us once more,” to establish a sense of motivation and confidence for his superior qualities. Grendel’s lair contains devilish aspects, an influx of death, dark coloration, and an absence of wisdom. Hrothgar speech serves as a warning to Beowulf that he must develop a sense of humbleness, wit, and resilience if wants to defeat Grendel’s

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