Literary Devices In Beowulf

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5 Literary Devices in Beowulf:
“the way it all melted as ice melts” (p.52)
Beowulf just finished slaying Grendel and his mother; the ancient sword he used to kill them melts. The poet uses a simile comparing the sword to ice cubes as they melt to emphasize. Giving the image/effect of the sword slowly dissolving in a stunning way; emphasizing the incredibility of it.

“the shining blade refused to bite” (p.50)
Beowulf dives underwater to fight Grendel’s Mother. As he is fighting he swings his sword at Grendel’s Mother and deals no damage. The poet uses personification here using the word “bite”. Giving the effect that the sword is a flesh-biting beast who refuses to “bite”.

“so huge and heavy of itself only Beowulf could wield it in battle”
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