Essay On Imagery In Beowulf

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Imagery is something that is constantly being used since the beginning of time in multiple ways. The book writers, music artist, and everyday people use it to create an image in someone's head. Throughout Beowulf, there is a lot of imagery being used. In the beginning of Beowulf’s last battle, even before he fights, he says farewell to his followers for the last time and he chooses his words. He creates an image in the reader’s heads. The images that the words create makes it feel as if you were really there looking at everything actually happening. Such as, “They stretched their beloved lord in his boat, laid out by the mast, amidships. The great ring-giver. Farfetched treasures were piled on him,and precious gear.” This is a great example of imagery. This is from one of …show more content…

In Beowulf, there is a couple of good examples of imagery. Whether it is in the battles that Beowulf goes through, in just the description of scenes, or in his farewell. When he said farewell to his followers in beowulf's last battle before he goes to fight against the dragon in the cave where the dragon was awaken when protecting the treasures. An example of imagery is Beowulf is “I swam/ in the blackness of night, hunting monsters/ out of the ocean, and killing them one/ By one.” In this part of beowulf i imagine the heroic beowulf swimming in darkness fighting with monsters that he hunted out of the ocean killing them each one by one. “My lord Higlac/Might think less of me if I let my sword/Go where my feet are afraid to, if I hid/Behind some broad linden shield: my hands/Alone shall fight for me, struggle for life/Against the monster”. As he says these words, I am seeing him fight without his shield to show lord Higlac that he is not less of a

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