Lady Audley's Secret Literary Techniques

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In the text “Lady Audley’s secret (1862)”, written by M. E. Braddon, there are many literary devices that came together and gave it a special effect for readers. From the begging to the end of the piece, the author uses unique techniques such as imagery, symbolism, and characterization to create an unforgettable scene that leaves the reader speechless. In multiple ways the passage can be related to the text “Medea” written by Euripides. Out of all the techniques imagery is perhaps the most effective techniques used within the text. From verse four till the end of the passage the author used imagery to create a visual effect for the reader. Braddon’s use of imagery was effective because he used descriptive words and common language that made …show more content…

The main character Audley is depicted as an evil women who killed her first husband without remorse and who threatens her new husband. Auldey threatens her husband by explaining to him what she has done to ex-husband in the past, who treated her as he is now treating her. In other words she is implied that he can possibly end up like her ex-husband. Her lack of sympathy that is seen in the way she describes her murder. For example in the last verse of the text. She explains how she stayed and waited to see if Talboy was in fact dead. This characterizes her as an evil character because it shows that she felt a sense pride in her villainous behavior. The characterization of Audley is similar to that of the character Medea. Both women sought to justify their actions by blaming other for provoking them. For instance, Audley blames her murder on the fact that her husband was going to expose her for being a malicious person and Medea blamed her murder on the fact that she hated her husband for cheating and abandoning her. Also, both women portrayed mercilessness, were not afraid to admit to others of their evil ways and were not punished for their actions. These women exemplified and fully embodied the characteristics of villainous

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