Beowulf Courage Quotes

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Beowulf is a historical poem that was made in the 8th century.Beowulf has taught many people in the world that we should always fight and succeed when it comes to our obstacles.Beowulf is a story that is mostly fighting the people that Beowulf fights for is his king and allies after all he is a strong warrior.he fights lot in the story and someone he fight is grendel a evil monster he fights and dies as a loyal soldier. Beowulf is a wonderful book that poems admiration and loyalty in every way possible.Beowulf was a strong warrior to show how he was i have this quote directly said by beowulf himself”If death does take me send the hammered mail to Higlac and return the inheritance i had from hrethel l and he from wayland fate will unwind …show more content…

Beowulf is a strong heroic hero who shows honor,selfless,courage.Beowulf is a strong heroic hero in a way because heroes are protectors and he protected his people of his town.So he is a hero in fact a strong one and a loyal one.There is lots of ways he shows loyalty one i can show is “I had a fixed purpose when i came to sea as i sat in the boat with my band of men I meant to perform to the uttermost what your people wanted or perish in attempt in the fields clutches i shall fulfill my purpose prove myself of proud deeds or meat my death her in the mead-hall”(pages 632-639).I chose this quote because it shows that beowulf would give his head for his people.I think that beowulf wanted to die for his king after all that is the reason he

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