Summary Of The Hero's Adventure By Joseph Cambell

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During the video "The Hero's Adventure", by Joseph Cambell there are a lot of interesting facts and points of views. One statement particularity caught my attention right off the bat."Sometimes it seems to me that we ought to feel pity for the hero instead of admiration, So many of them have sacrificed their own needs". I mean think about it, most people grow up with Hero's inside Disney movies and pretend to be the Hero's and mimic the glory of it all. Though it isn't really glorious to be a hero is it? Looking back on the myths a hero did not have it easy. They faced a lot of tough challenges and had to sacrifice many things to gain their status. Also look at one Hero that is highly idolized and used to day, the American solider. Little kids dream of being them and do pretend battles while lacking to see the true meaning behind them. That heroic meaning is them risking their lives, that they walk away from their families knowing they might not come back. Those who do come back are sometimes looked at as Heros, but it is …show more content…

Though what is he truly stating here? I feel that the meaning behind his remarkable words is that over times the true nature of the Hero has changed. Not to say a negative stand point but that in fact in our own way we are all Heros. Each and everyone of us in this world fights our own journey through life. Some face many physical hard ships and obstacles, while others fight mental ones. Either way we live a life of self enlightenment, each minute we delve deeper into who we are learning our place in life. Yes some of us do end up leading lives to help others and some have more self centered bureaucratic jobs, but in the end it is the journey that is us, that is our lives. Not to say that everyone completes that journey and receives the full out come, but none the less they have traveled the path of

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