Jackie Robinson: Real Heroes

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While we may often look up to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kin Kardashian, real heroes exhibit more selfless qualities that reach beyond that of a self-fulfilling celebrity. In many ways, real heroes stand strong with their beliefs possess confidence and patience. Furthermore, real heroes are persistent, devoted and most of all real heroes are revolutionary and break boundaries. As a matter of fact, Jackie Robinson is one of my personal heroes because he set in motion the change of boundaries for major league sports. Further, he is a hero who was born to start a revolution in the major league sports industry. Jackie Robinson was born on the 31st of January, 1919, in Cairo Georgia. Before he became the barrier-breaking civil rights advocate and astounding …show more content…

Heroes are not defined or created by people or events that shape who they are but they are born to make a change. Throughout history there has been several heroes born to make a change. Heroes can be traced throughout history and still continue to exist. Heroes are born with a greater intention for their futures than mindlessly working through life; they are born to be leaders. Real heroes are born to set standards for the future and to lead the present. Jackie Robinson is a prime example of a hero born to amend history. Robinson set in motion a change during the Civil Rights Movement that reshaped rules and boundaries for America. According to “Transatlantica,” Racial Fault-lines in “Baseball’s Great Experiment:” Black Perceptions, White Reactions, The attendance at Major League Baseball games increased significantly after integration. In Boston the pre-integration home attendance was 1,081,795 in 1949, then skyrocketed to 487,487,475 in 1951 proving that Robinson started a major revolution in baseball and became a role model for young boys all across

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