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Heroes in our society are revered and respected as Joseph Campbell reminds us: “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” (Joseph Campbell). Heroes exist in all societies and throughout history. Maybe they are not always on the news or from the movies, but their words and their actions never fail to resonate across their feats. A hero gives of himself and dedicates himself to causes which better others and their society unlike individuals who are self serving, greedy, and cruel. A hero is anyone who makes the right decision to sacrifice for a person in need. For example, without heroes like firemen, wildfires and house fires would spread across the nation, costing lives and loss of worldly possessions. Firemen stand strong, risk themselves, and protect all for the well-being, safety of others, and personal property. In addition, …show more content…

Anyone can be a hero. For instance, Robert Bentz was being selfless when he put himself between a driver of a stolen car and Bentz’ son. “In the split second of seeing the car coming straight at [his son] Roudy, Bentz cranked his steering wheel as hard as possible. That put him between the oncoming car and his son.” Though Bentz is a normal person, he was still able to save his son from injury. In addition, David Ho saved many lives and was heroic, even though he wasn’t equipped with superpowers. Through his dedication, he saved lives by finding the cure to AIDS. “...saw some of the first documented cases of AIDS. He dedicated himself to combating the mysterious killer...He devised the ‘cocktail’ of protease inhibitors and other antiviral drugs which have brought about remarkable recoveries in many cases.” Though David Ho is an average person, he helped rescue many patients with AIDS. In summary, everyday heroes are ordinary people who do not need fame or superpowers to take the actions that define a

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