A Wrinkle In Time Essay

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Heroism Who is your hero? It may be your dad or, perhaps another family member, one that you have known your whole life as a hero. Maybe it is a fictional character. A person that you don't know or have never seen, but still you think of them as a hero. No matter who someone's hero is one thing stays the same. A hero is someone that has strived to help out of their own will.

Anyone could be a hero. However not everyone is a hero. Being a hero takes courage. In A Wrinkle in Time, Meg has to go and save her brother from IT. One of the first things to happen upon entering Camasotzis is her going towards the city: “She walked slowly down the hill, her heart thumping painfully against her ribs”(page 43 line 4). She may have been afraid at first but she worked up her courage and kept going. In addition, heroes are persistent. A little bit later once she gets inside the city she starts to show her persistence when: “She felt numb, beyond rage or disappointment or even fear” (Page 43 line 6). Even though Meg was beyond even emotion she kept going forward in her quest to save Charles. Furthermore, heroes are optimistic. Right …show more content…

Heroes are not always modest. In the beginning of Odysseus’s story when he is talking to the cyclops he says: “his words were designed to fool me, but Failed. I was too wise for that, and answered him with cunning words”(page32 paragraph 9). Although Odysseus was wise and intelligent, he still was not modest in his forthright expression on his views of himself. Moreso, heroes are not timid. In the last paragraph of the poem “A Man” he talks about his loss of an arm and what hardships it will cause him but then refutes it by saying: “from that moment on, he set himself to do everything with twice as much enthusiasm”(page 56 lines 15-16). Even though he has lost his arm he doesn't lose hope or shrink back. He stays true in his will to keep going and doesn't lose courage.

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